Wulurn General Hospital, with a history of 26 years , was founded in June 6, 1977. Medical treatments, services,  research and educations are our purposes of sustaining management.

The following are the histories and developments of Wulurn General Hospital: 

  1. In September 1987, Wulurn general hospital signed the contract with Taichung blood center, set up blood bank for delivering blood and providing transfusion for local patients.
  2. In December 1987, approved by information bureau of Executive Yuan,Wulurn general hospital published the medical quarterly "Wulurn medical news", mail to the local hospitals, the clinics, the country offices, the town offices, the government offices, schools, councilmen, the heads of neighborhood, the elders' group of the communities, industries and companies without charge to promote public health education.
  3. In May 1993, Wulurn general hospital honorably became the teaching hospital of surgeons.
  4. In 1993, Wulurn general hospital passed the accreditation as the local teaching hospital. Providing 186 hospital beds (including 15 intensive care units), Wulurn general hospital is the most complete scale general teaching hospital in the southern Changhua.
  5. Since July 1995, Wulurn hospital takes charge of the physical examinations for Chunghua MVS station, Taichung MVS office, Taiwan highway bureau.
  6. In July 1998, Wulurn general hospital became the teaching hospital of the internists.
  7. In January 1999,  Wulurn general hospital started electronic  medical  record system.
  8. Wulurn general hospital is the base hospital in emergency medical system of Changhua. Our duties is guiding other local hospitals.
  9. Wulurn general hospital cooperated with Chungshan medical center, Kaoshung medical center and Chungzung medical center, etc. in many ways .
  10. In 2002, Wulurn general hospital cooperated with Chenching medical center and Showchwan medical center.
  11. Since 2000, Wulurn general hospital undertakes the community health center project of Yuenling town.